Maintenance of Way


  BGRM M.O.W Speeder #11
A four man Fairmont track speeder used by the museum maintenance of way department.


  Illinois Central Fairmont "Putt Putt" Track Speeder
Another Fairmont 4 man track speeder. This car is special in that it is a model powered by a belt drive instead of the usual gearbox and runs using a single piston engine. This single piston engine gave off a cartoonish putting noise which is why these cars are dubbed "Putt-Putts". Today this car is on static display but future plans may include turning this car into a passenger trailer for speeder #11.


  BGRM M.O.W. Hi-Railer #1
No longer used by the museum this Ford served the musuem well for many years. The truck will go to scrap but the hi-rail equipment can be retrofitted to another vehicle if one can be acquired by the msueum.